New Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Innovation starting in September 2023!

Are you looking to develop skills in digital adoption, modern methods of construction (MMC) and innovation? A new Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Innovation starts in September 2023 offered by the University of Galway. Full details available at 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Innovation was developed in response to critical and proven skills needs in the construction/built environment sector by Construct Innovate.  It is a one-year part-time course, funded through HCI Pillar 1, that aims to equip students with key knowledge and skills needed to develop sustainable technological solutions to the challenges facing the construction and built environment sector in Ireland and elsewhere.

The course will develop the newest breed of global entrepreneurs, construction experts and sustainable construction leaders, who can develop innovative concepts, identify market opportunities and tackle challenges related to getting new building products and services to market. This course will support the development of a modernised and sustainable construction sector underpinned by circular economy and climate action.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Innovation will enable prospective students to:

  • Develop skills in digital adoption, sustainability and modern methods of construction,
  • Develop critical thinking, curiosity and problem solving to manage the innovation process,
  • Identify opportunities (and challenges) for innovation in the construction sector,
  • Create novel construction technology solutions to previously unmet, under-met and unrecognised problems,
  • Continue their professional development for meet the future needs of the construction sector.