Get innovation support

ConstructInnovate has a team of experts that can provide technical, business and intellectual property support for your innovation project. Our team in ConstructInnovate have collaborated with ca. 200 industry partners on innovative and impactful R&D projects worth over €300 Million during the period 2017-2022.

We work closely with Enterprise Ireland’s #BuiltToInnovate Research & Innovation initiative, which provides access to Enterprise Ireland's expertise and contacts to increase the levels and value of R&D and innovation in your company. We can provide a whole range of impactful networking opportunities for your company. We can also second innovation researchers and academics from the partner universities to your organization to help address your research and development challenges. Please contact us directly at if you need innovation support.

Access innovation funding

The ConstructInnovate team have an excellent track-record in supporting industry in securing funding for research and development through various sources. ConstructInnovate has funding to develop new technologies or adapt existing technologies in response to specific construction related challenges, with an initial focus on technologies that can assist with the housing crisis. 

Built to Innovate is an initiative by Enterprise Ireland under the Housing for All programme, which provides a suite of lean, digitalisation and research & innovation grant aid packages that are available for projects where the impact will result in homes that are built faster, on time and with less expense.

Collaboration is key to our success and will be a core value of the ConstructInnovate Centre, as well as agility, openness and ethics. Our team in ConstructInnovate can help you access national and European proposals consortia and supports, helping you access funding through various national and international funding bodies. Please contact us at if you would like to make an appointment to discuss various funding opportunities that may be open to you.